How to Write An About Us Page That Converts: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Written By Laura V.

Content Writer

@The Content Co.

How to write an about us page that converts infograph

How often is it that you come across eCommerce store or website owners focusing on blog and product content over all other pages. While that is generally important and does help from an SEO perspective, websites are supposed to be more than just bringing over web traffic. It’s about conversion!

Did you know that a study by a content marketing company suggests that the probability of customers who view the “About Us” page of a website converting is more than those who don’t? These customers reportedly spent 22.5% more than the visitors who don’t.

It’s a big mistake to ignore the importance of an about us page, and eCommerce businesses finally realize that. Lately, marketing companies have witnessed a rise in customers demanding catchy web copies for their about us page.

This article covers a few key tips on how to write an about us page. Before getting started with any about us page, here’s something you need to understand. An about us page is the company’s image in the customer’s mind. It helps them relate to your background, struggle, expertise, mission- things that make them want to be associated with you. This is your one-page brand story, so make sure you portray it right!

1. Crispy and meaty

Always remember that an online audience can be quite impatient. It’s a fast world, and you have to adapt to it. An average reader is said to have an online attention span of 15 seconds. That’s how long you have to make the sale.

A majority of the readers focus on the upper half (the first visible screen) of a web page, or “above the fold.” The content should be precise enough to communicate what they want to read. They’re more likely to scroll down further on the page if the material above the fold is relatable.

Takeaway: keep your content precise, avoid fillers, get straight to the point, and don’t miss out on important information. We have discussed later on in this article about what important information you shouldn’t miss out on.

Precise and Informative on your page

2. Brand attachment is an emotional call!

It is only human to empathize. Finding emotional attachment to a brand or a product is a global consumer trait. Not only does this help them find a reason to support the brand, but it also makes their purchase feel meaningful. Reportedly, 73% of the consumers purchasing from a company is because they care about the brand more than the product itself.

about us page

Your brand story needs to be neutral and non-political or biased in any way. Make your about us page immersive. Structure it in such a way that the customer can feel your purpose and understand that you’re not simply a business; you’re a movement on its own.

Whether it is the tough and colorful history of building it up, or the future and vision. If you have none of that, then talk about your ethical practices, inside and outside the company. Talk about how your brand helps the community.

3. An about us page isn’t just about you

Yes, you read that right! There’s more and more science getting involved in writing content for business. If you feel an about us page should have everything you want the people to know, then let us revisit that! An about us page should contain only that information about you that the reader wants to know.

We’re not here to brag about how great we are. Take this for an example; if you have a backache, who would you want to go to? The person who writes, “I’m a great chiropractor,” or the one who writes, “Chripractor with 100% success in treating backaches in 15 minutes.” Give them actionable points, something relatable and specific. Target the market and get into their psyche.

Visitors who covert mostly seek out authentic brands and look for words that relate to them and show their genuineness.

Make it about your customer

4. Be visual and interactive

Once we have agreed on the information we want to share with our reader, we need to discuss the importance of presentation. Visual aid makes life easier for any reader. You can write hundreds of words on core information, but a single well-placed graphic will take precedence over it.

Avoid cluster. If there’s a lot you need to share on your about us page, then look for legible fonts and font size. Use grids or custom layout with columns to spread out the content appropriately. You can even break it down into sections and use images that relate to what you’re discussing in that section.

Visuals are the most powerful for about us pages

5. Share your clientele and success

With your expertise and brand story discussed, the reader seeks confidence from the people you serve. It is all about investor confidence, so make sure you have that.

Always remember that your clientele is your success story. How you made it this far. The best way to present client information is to talk about how you helped them and their business. This helps the reader relate if that is something they need help with as well.

Don’t be shy to use the names (unless confidential!), it helps back up your claim. To make your content cluster free, use logos in a slider, or a separately identifiable section with information about the service you performed and the outcome.

6. The human touch

With more and more websites with lots and lots of content, the human touch got lost somewhere. It is quite a relief and time-efficient to see content in the form of interactive videos. Owners speaking out to their visitors, helping them understand what they do- this always charms a certain segment.

Introduce the readers to your team, show them what you’re made of. Getting acquainted with your team members is how they’re able to relate the most. Putting a face to the name, knowing their respective expertise, and who’ll be in charge of what part of your project really helps gain confidence.

Showing your team on your about us page builds confidence

Additionally, it helps readers confide in you and the genuineness of your service. You can read how to improve your service page here.

With all that said, now go ahead and try it out on your new about us page. Build your brand story, discuss your mission and your vision. Keep an eye on the analytics on your about us page, see if visitors are sticking around long enough and leading onto a product page or bouning page. That should help you understand if you need more work on your about us page or if you’re good to go.

Stay tuned for our case studies on companies who have crushed it with their about us page.

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