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Our SEO Process

We are extremely transparent with our SEO strategies giving you a cost breakdown of exactly what you’re getting in return for your investing. Give us a call today and we will devise a plan to help you rank higher on ciritical keywords relevant to your business!

1. SEO Audit

Understanding what the high traffic keywords are in your niche so we can implement a content strategy to help drive quality traffic to your website. 

Key Processes

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Local SEO Audit
  • Problem Identification
  • web traffic Analysis

2. Planning

Devising a timetable for the release of blog articles to help rank for certain keywords. Our SEO plans generally take 6-12 month. We usually see tremendous growth in web traffic at the 4-6 month mark depending on how aggressive we’re building content and creating back links.

Key Processes

  • implementation Planning
  • Strategic Decision Making
  • Solidifying Project Requirements

3. Execution and Reporting

After solidifying the scope and agreeing to the milestones, we execute the plan and produce content for your website and get it ranked consistently higher over each month. At the end of each month we will record an analysis video to help you understand what we did that month and the results of our work.

Key Processes

  • Weekly Project Updates
  • Backlinking
  • Content creation
  • Keyword optimisation
  • Local citation
  • guest posting

Frequently Asked Questions

We generally help all our clients rank for local keywords and it’s expected that after 6 month, your companies google listing will rank much higher than before we started. 

The key point is that the web traffic and conversions should increase 2/3 fold in the first 6-9 month of our engagement.

There really isn’t a length to SEO. The minimum time before seeing any results will be around 6 month. Growth will start to show as soon as 2-3 month but nothing tremendous will be visible till the 6 month mark. 

The length is also subjected to how much budget you have for it. If the budget is higher, we will be able to publish more content and spend more hours on obtaining quality backlinks to help you rank higher faster. Hence, sortening the time of reaching our long term goals.

We 100% guarantee results. There are a lot of elements that contribute to how google ranks your website, but we will be able to guarantee measurable results through our SEO strategies. 

We define at the start of every project what those metrics are and the projected traffic milestones after the 6 month mark. It’s not exact, but an approximation just to give you an idea of how much we can do for your business.

As a seasoned Search Engine Optimiser,  we see signs of  traffic growth after the first 60 days. After 6 month you will see a big change to the traffic onto your website as google starts to index and trust your website more through our SEO strategies.

The main point is also we won’t be promising that you rank #1 in 30 days or less because that’s just a scam. SEO takes long but the pay-off is tremendous, you can easily improve your web traffic by at least 300-800% after the first 6 month depending on the saturation of your niche.

We will occasionally ask for your thoughts on very niche-specific topics. Other than that being a full-service SEO agency we will handle all of the content creation and graphics procurement.

We pride ourselves on honesty and transparency as well as work ethics. We will make sure you know everything about our service and their no surprises in any of our strategies. You will get what you pay for and the results in traffic growth for your website.