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Our Story

“My Website is lagging, can you help me fix it?” 

It all started then. I was randomly asked almost 5 years ago by my uncle who was running a small business. He told me that his customers couldn’t access their website and asked if I could help. After loading his website and I immediately understood why. It was very outdated and in the footer of the website, It was built in 2006. Well, even Iphones had not existed then and this website was definitely not mobile friendly.

Building a website 5 years ago is nothing like what it is today

I told him I could build him one using the HTML and CSS skills that I had learnt from the courses I had taken. He agreed and paid me some money to find a web hosting service and a graphics designer to redesign his logo. I happily updated his website layout and format with the new logo that was provided to me. Upon delivery, he was very impressed, telling all his friends about the new website that he got. At the moment I realised satisfaction of  being able impact the business that he built from nothing. His small business was his pride and joy and the website was something that painted a picture of him and his business to people who didn’t know him but needed a service that he provided.

So here we are today

You have arrived here, at the company that provides businesses with a new look . I created this company to impact businesses digitally and opening them to new opportunities.


Samuel Tu


What do we do?


We love what we do and we’re committed to bringing the best digital solution to our clients. We want to improve your business by filling any gaps in the digital platform that you may have. We want to help you grow your brand and we can start by helping you improve your website and digital presence.

How do we do it?




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What about metrics?


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Any Questions?


You can email us at Hello@ikmstrategy.com or directly fill in the form here. After that sit tight and we will return with an answer to your enquiry. If you want to speak with us directly, there is the option of calling us on 0449 574 253.

For a small business website with 4-5 pages, it would take us about three (3) days to come up with a concept and build it. After that you can suggest changes and we’ll need another day or two to implement them. Please don’t be afraid to come talk to us about any enquiries you may have, we can definitely find a solution for you 🙂

Of course! One of the benefits of building most of our websites with the word press engine is that it is extremely easy to modify. We will provide a tutorial video for our clients who wish to customise the content’s themselves.

Not Really, It is not necessary for you to have a domain name and web-hosting, we can provide web hosting and register your domain for you. However, if you already have a domain name and web hosting service, we can update the website through your pre-existing services as well, whichever is easier for you.