5 Ways E-Commerce Can Benefit Your Small Business

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Among the rapid changes in retail due to COVID-19, including automation and supply chain shifts, our Melbourne web design company notes that one aspect of the industry hasn’t stopped booming: e-commerce.

In fact, a recent report released by KPMG reveals a potential uplift in e-commerce post-COVID-19, to the point where it accounts for 13% of Australia’s spending, excluding groceries and liquor. This uplift leads to a host of recommendations for retailers post-COVID-19, including the urgent emphasis on business owners to adopt e-commerce as part of their “crisis action plan”.

But how exactly does e-commerce work to not only help your business compete against others in the modern market, but actually grow your sales?

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Taking a look at analytics for how our melbourne web design company can help your small business

#1: It helps your business reach new customers

Think with Google recently revealed that 86% of Australian customers use an online touchpoint when researching a product or service. E-Commerce can help your business capitalise on these numbers and grow your customer base in a variety of ways, namely through search engine optimisation (SEO). SEO helps your business appear at the top of the search results for a particular query related to your products, which in turn maximises your reach and visibility to new customers.

#2: It slashes your overheads and increases profit margins

In addition to attracting new business, e-commerce stores also boast low operating and setup costs in comparison to physical stores. You will no longer need to pay for brick and mortar operational costs, such as rent, utilities and a high level of staffing. Instead, the website maintenance fees are minimal when you choose the right Melbourne web design company.

#3: It can inform the way you do business

Choosing e-commerce can reveal new opportunities for your business, particularly through trackable insights such as page visits, geographical traffic sources and online reviews. You may notice, for example, that customers from a specific location are consistently purchasing a specific product. This can then inform investment into advertising this product on social media to people from that location, growing your customer base and sales. 

#4: It maximises the return on investment on your advertising

So you’ve heard of Instagram and Facebook advertising trends, and you’d like to try them out. With an e-commerce store, your options are virtually limitless: you can put advertising spend behind specific products and link directly to that item, you can create ads for your full store, you can attract global business and even start building a list of customers you send regular emails to. In comparison, a physical store is limited to local, walk-in business.

#5: It encourages customers to build a community around your business

Did you know 93% of customers read online reviews before purchasing from a business, and are willing to spend 31% more when those reviews are positive?

E-Commerce isn’t just about making it easier for customers to buy. It’s about building a community of loyal customers online. E-Commerce can drive more sales through credibility and social proofing, particularly using online reviews, social media accounts and recommendations to their full benefits.

Engage a Melbourne web design company to help build your e-commerce store

At ikm Strategy, our mission is to deliver a conversion-driven e-commerce website for your small to medium business. Our custom web designs take your customer into account every step of the way. We’re known for achieving an average of 232% growth in traffic, more sales and a polished brand image for your business.

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Written By Sam Tu

Web Designer and Digital Marketing Expert

@IKM Strategy

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