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While there are several ways of writing a service page for your business website, the most important aspect is how you demonstrate your services professionally and interactively to the audience.

Service page visitors are mostly searching for what your business is about and how your services can be helpful for them.

Data shows that 47% of website visitors check out a company’s product/service page before looking at any other sections of the site.


If you have enough relevant keywords, your service page can help your website rank higher on organic Google search results! 

Most websites merge in the idea of products and services, but we are actually looking at services.

Here are some tips to consider while writing a dreamy service page for your business website.

Service Page wireframes
Assortment of ways to fill your service page with content

1. The Basics to An Engaging Service Page

Before you start writing out your service page, here are four things that you shouldn’t miss out on. 

  • Define what type of services are you giving
  • What is the value of your services
  • How is your company providing that specific service better than others and why it is unique
  • Explain how you provide the services (the process)

The audience is always looking for ways in which your services will benefit them.

Imagine you had a car washing service

So, if your services are about car washing, some of your audience might be too exhausted at the end of the week to wash their car. 

Your service page can ensure the car service seekers that their car will be washed every week. Another benefit would be that your car will be checked for any mechanical faults every month.

So the audience is relieved, and you have explained your service well and with added benefits! 

Make sure your services can be relied upon and look trustworthy! 

You need to demonstrate through your service page that you can be trusted and even if things go wrong, you have the solution to satisfy them.

Let’s get you started with that services page! 

2. Create a Unique outline 

While there is no set of rules you must be following when you write a services page, the best would be to make the details obvious.

Most new visitors to service page will skim through to get to what you are offering and what’s there for them. 

Itemize your services in a list form under a bolder heading, which says “services we provide.” This will make it easier for the audience to reach the core on the service page.  

You could also make a separate heading for what are the benefit of availing these services for each kind of audience. 

Before you start writing, make a clear format of your service page in your head, which best fits the services you will provide.

Don’t go beating around the bush; we don’t need the audience searching for the services, they should be right there! 

3. A Top Level View

Most visitors to your site are first-timers, and they probably came to know about you through a Facebook link or just searched up a service, and your website popped up. 

Before giving them all the in-depth information, let them know what unique value you offer and what exactly does your business do, which might help them. 

Your page content should have the main target keywords. This will optimize your service page for search engines. 

Your content should focus on how your business will benefit them over all other than the individual services being provided. 

Keep the service page context short, think from the customer’s point of view, and keep all the pain points of the ideal customer in your head while you write out the content. 

Service Page Section Example
If you had a super clinic, a simple section would have a big impact.

Don’t forget to mentions that what skills you have that qualifies you to be providing these services.

Write out how many years of experience you have, some award certificates earned, and how this helps in bettering your services for the customers. 

4. Don’t flood the audiences with information

Your service page should be anything but overwhelming. Try including links to pages inside your websites if they need more information.

The services page should not look over-crowded. Mention what you think the visitor can relate to and will definitely be searching for.

Using simple tile blocks is a good way of concealing large amounts of information and keeping your page clean and easy to read. See Below.

For instance, don’t mention about the costs on the services pages, instead, provide a link. 

5. Be Clear about the Client Benefits

Overall, benefits are easier to digest for people than features. Benefits are more relatable and hence Visitors will always scan through your service page for the benefits of your service.

Benefits vs Features
Image via WebEngage Monk

Tell them about the material benefits which include things like; lesser prices, discounts, the time they will be saving and even about the increased revenue. 

Other incentives include, being able to spend more time with family, spending more time in self-care while you take care of other things for them through these services. 

6. Keep it Natural

Avoid any robotic tone in the context, for it can drive the audience away. Keep the visitors involved. Maybe you could write an anecdote about a day in your services.

Keep the visitors guided and clear throughout your service page. We are looking to the brevity and concise text. Don’t keep them guessing. 

7. Graphics and Testimonials

Don’t forget to include the comments and remarks given by your clients and other people who have tried your services. 

People do what they see others doing. Mention the key benefits these people attained through your services.

Add pictures of you or your team into the service on your website’s service page.  If you need help sourcing free HD quality images, Unsplash is a good place to start.


For your service page to be engaging, make sure the content is meaningful. Focus on your audience’s pain points. 

Target the ideal clients for the services; it should not be limited to one class, not just the working class or the elite. The benefits should be catering to different needs. 

Keep the tone of the service page simple, to the point, and conversational. Keep SEO in mind, include the target keywords in each section of the services. 

Don’t worry if you’re confused about SEO, it’s whole another topic by itself. If you have any specific questions feel free to contact us.

Keep improving, plan, and make changes to your service page. As your company hits milestones, mention them on the services page as proof to keep your website updated.  If you keep all these things in mind, your service page will keep the visitors engrossed, and they will think twice before closing that tab and that’s something we pin our hopes on. Don’t we?

Written By Sam Tu

Web Designer and Digital Marketing Expert

@IKM Strategy

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