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We will create a powerful digital strategy that will help your business land clients online. So you can focus on running your business and doing what you do best.

You know your business has what it takes.

You have delivered outstanding results to past clients, but you’re not sure why your website isn’t bringing in any new clients.

But you KNOW you need your website to bring in more customers if you want to reach your goals.

Websites can feel like a waste of valuable money and time

We get it, all our clients seem to have the same concerns.

It's not just your business. It happens to everyone.

You just need a website that fits your business and We can build it for you.

Why we're different

We’re not like other web designers who use generic templates or outsource their work to another country, we take time to understand your vision and your business.

We will help you make better digital decisions that will make your business more profitable

Sometimes if you’re early in your business and you don’t need a website yet, we’ll be the first to tell you and point you in the right direction.

Each website we build is unique and we provide local tech support to our Melbourne Clients and remote support Australia-wide.

Your website has the potential to grow your business

When you stop putting time into talking to website sales people over the phone and put your trust in us to build your website…

You can put all the time you saved back into operating your business and having the peace of mind that your website is being taken care of.

It's possible to build a website with everything you need within your budget. All you have to do is start.

Our web design services are perfect for you if...

simply put.

How it works


We clarify your marketing goals and define a strategy on how your website will achieve those goals


We will build the website and implement the strategies whilst keeping you updated on the process


We will walk you through your website and teach you how to update your content, and then we launch it.

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Contact us and we can help you price your project and let you know what needs to be done to get your business website running!

Client success stories

"Conversion rate had improved by 30% after the website redesign"

“The team at IKM strategy really showed professionalism and delivered beyond our expectation. Sam always goes above and beyond and even provided us with an explanatory video explaining how to update the website he created for us ourselves.

His design is modern and responsive. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend IKM Strategy. Many thanks Sam!” 

Damien C.

Founder @ wellness warrior


Want to get started?

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Let’s talk about your business and what your goals are. We can come up with a strategy and get your website to hit those goals.

If you like our ideas then we can start work on your website and bring your business some new online traffic!

Even if we decide this isn’t the right time for us to work together, we can continue to provide you with steps to slowly get to where you want to be.

Client success stories

"Sam redesigned our website and added new tools to capture customer data and helped us generate over 50 customer leads a month"

“I am extremely grateful for Sam’s help and his smart marketing strategies to help us get the leads we needed during these times of struggle. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs a digital expert. 

Mandy F.

Founder @ Allure Skin


Frequently Asked Quesitons

See Our Full Process for the Website Design Oakleigh package here.

Our Full Price Guide can be found here. We offer designs for a range of businesses.

Our Feature-rich design package details a list of functions we can include for businesses needing more advanced features such as appointment bookings, check-out features, marketing newsletters and others.

We would advise you to contact us and talk about the specific needs of your business so we can generate a more tailored quote.

Our website design process ranges from 3 days to 50 days depending on the type of website. Basic websites that don’t require a lot of special functionality would only take 3 days to a week. 

E-commerce sites can take upwards of 20 days depending on the number of products you wish for us to upload. 

Specialty sites that require basic booking and payment functions will generally take 2 weeks to 3 weeks. and finally, specialty sites with unlisted custom features will take up to 60 days depending on the complexity of the required functions.

For small projects such as basic websites, we generally take a 50% deposit and remaining 50% will be due after the launch.

For larger projects that take over a longer period of time to complete, we will take a 40% deposit and 20% at each identified process milestone.

A majority of our websites are built with the WordPress CMS because of the user-friendly functions that are embodied within the wordpress engines. Updating content will be as easy as changing text in a word document and replacing images like in a word document.

E-commerce sites designed by us are also built on WordPress but will be integrated with Woocommerce which is the e-commerce platform that will allow users to easily add new products and configure shipping requirements.

We providing domain names and web hosting for all the websites that we build. If you already have an existing domain and web hosting we’re happy to build on top of it. Our Website Design Oakleigh packages include those features.

Domain names are generally inexpensive, a normal domain name should not cost over $15 per year. Speciality domains (.melb), however, will cost more. Web hosting costs approximately $50-200 per year depending on the requirements of your server. This will be a yearly cost to host your content online.

After completing the last payment for your project, the website will be 100% owned by you with all the credentials and server details placed in your hands.  

We can update your current website, however, we suggest a full rebuild in most cases because the cost will likely be the same. Please contact us to see if there is anything we can do for you.

1-Page websites have recently become very trendy due to the ease of navigation. It is a single-page website where you can continuously scroll down to bring up a new section. Each section is pretty much designed like a page in itself.

Here are some examples of 1-page websites designed by us.

Advantages are:
  • Ideal for mobile – very easy to scroll through
  • Ease of telling a brand story – flows extremely well
  • Strong design and very easy to integrate your brand story
  • Improves user engagement – this also helps with conversion.

Disadvantages are:

  • Your SEO will be affected because there is a lot of content on one page – But can be mitigated by having a separate page for blog related content.
  • Page loading time
  • Ability to share content
  • Hard to analyse and track user behaviour

Overall, we would recommend one-page designs to smaller enterprises who want a basic online presence. It is also extremely suitable for businesses who want to focus on specific products that they want to generate online attention.

A basic website includes usually includes the following 5 pages:

  1. Home Page
    • The main page that users see which will determine if they continue to browse your website or drop off.
  2. About Us Page
    • Used to establish your brand vision and discussion your goals and how you can help your customers.
  3. Product or Services Page
    • A page that describes the services or products provided by your business. This page is one of the most important pages on your website because it’s role is to convert users to buy your service or product. 
  4. Blog Page
    • Generally used for interacting and providing useful content for your audience. This page and its sub-pages are used to perform SEO on your website.
  5. Contact Us Page
    • Finally, this page is top provide an avenue for your potential clients to contact you or arrange a booking.

Each page is unique and performs it’s own function. This is the standard page layout, but we can add others if your business requires.


Client success stories

We were able to improve the websites client capture conversion rate from 1-in-170 visitors to 1-in-60 visitors

“The website designed by IKM strategy was incredible. It was modern and minimalistic. I would definitely recommend IKM Strategy’s services.”

Jenny Q.