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Our process is detailed below:

  1. Discovery – We will schedule a brief 15 minute phone call to identify your goals and needs. Through this step, we hope to gain an deep understanding of the scope of the project, design direction and your goals. After this meeting we will provide you with a  detailed proposal, timeline and milestones of the project.
  2. Project Administration – Once the terms and goals of the project are confirmed and the deposit is paid we will move to the next step.
  3. Build Demo Site – We will begin designing a live demo of your website. We will apply our concepts and create the website’s front page to gain feedback from you. The purpose of  generating this demo is to determine whether or not the design style suits your business needs. We will apply any feedback that is given to us to build the remainder of your site.
  4. Build Full Site – We will build your entire site and optimise it and fill in any content necessary. We will present the full design to you and if there are any revisions requested, we will keep applying them until you are satisfied with the design. During this entire process, we will be actively communicating with you and providing you with weekly updates on the progress.
  5. Launch – Once all the milestones and design requirements are met and signed off by you we will launch your website on your business domain and it will be viewable by the public.
  6. Handover – After the site is live and stable, we will hand over all the back-end login credentials to allow you to make future changes and modifications. We will also provide a personalised YouTube video specified to your website, detailing how to make changes to the website content. However, we note that we also provide yearly all-round care packages which will include any content changes and maintenance required for your website.

Our web design packages start at $399 for a basic website. We offer designs for a range of businesses. Our specialty design package details a list of functions we can include for businesses needing more advanced features such as appointment bookings, check-out features, marketing newsletters and others. I would advise you to contact us and talk about the specific needs of your business so we can generate a more tailored quote.

Our website design process ranges from 3 days to 50 days depending on the type of website. Basic websites that don’t require a lot of special functionality would only take 3 days to a week. 

E-commerce sites can take upwards of 20 days depending on the number of products you wish for us to upload. 

Specialty sites that require basic booking and payment functions will generally take 2 weeks to 3 weeks. and finally, specialty sites with unlisted custom features will take up to 60 days depending on the complexity of the required functions.

For small projects such as basic websites, we generally take a 50% deposit and remaining 50% will be due after the launch.

For larger projects that take over a longer period of time to complete, we will take a 40% deposit and 20% at each identified process milestone.

A majority of our websites are built with the WordPress CMS because of the user-friendly functions that are embodied within the wordpress engines. Updating content will be as easy as changing text in a word document and replacing images like in a word document.

E-commerce sites designed by us are also built on WordPress but will be integrated with Woocommerce which is the e-commerce platform that will allow users to easily add new products and configure shipping requirements.

After completing the last payment for your project, the website will be 100% owned by you with all the credentials and server details placed in your hands.  

We can update your current website, however, we suggest a full rebuild in most cases because the cost will likely be the same. Please contact us to see if there is anything we can do for you.

1-Page websites have recently become very trendy due to the ease in navigation. It is a single page website where you can continuous scroll down to bring up a new section. Each section is pretty much designed like a page in itself.

Here are some examples of 1-page websites designed by us.

Advantages are:
  • Ideal for mobile – very easy to scroll through
  • Ease of telling a brand story – flows extremely well
  • Strong design and very easy to integrate your brand story
  • Improves user engagement – this also helps with conversion.

Disadvantages are:

  • Your SEO will be affected because there is a lot of content on one page – But can be mitigated by having separate page for blog related content.
  • Page loading time
  • Ability to share content
  • Hard to analyse and track user behavior

Overall, we would recommend one-page designs to smaller enterprises who want basic online presence. It is also extremely suitable for businesses who want to focus on specific products that they want to generate online attention to.

A basic website includes usually includes the following 5 pages:

  1. Home Page
    • The main page that users see which will determine if they continue to browse your website or drop off.
  2. About Us Page
    • Used to establish your brand vision and discussion your goals and how you can help your customers.
  3. Product or Services Page
    • A page that describes the services or products provided by your business. This page is one of the most important pages on your website because it’s role is to convert users to buy your service or product. 
  4. Blog Page
    • Generally used for interacting and providing useful content for your audience. This page and its sub-pages are used to perform SEO on your website.
  5. Contact Us Page
    • Finally, this page is top provide an avenue for your potential clients to contact you or arrange a booking.

Each page is unique and performs it’s own function. This is the standard page layout, but we can add others if your business requires.


Domain, Web Hosting and Emails

Domain is name is the web address for your website. A common analogy is if the website is the house, then the domain name is your house address. It is how people find your website. Once you buy it, it is unique to you. No one else on the internet can use the same name.

There are various extensions available for a domain name, Such as :

  • .com
  • .com.au (must have an ABN)
  • .co
  • .melbourne
  • .io

Domain names are generally inexpensive, a normal domain name should not cost over $15 a year. Specialty domains (.melb), however, will cost more.

You need a domain name for your website. You don’t have to purchase it yourself, we can help you buy it and set it up for your use. 

Domain names can be purchased through hosting providers such as:


No problems, we can use your existing domain and link your new website to it.

Web hosting is the server that your website is stored on. Similar to the domain name, you need it to run your website. A common analogy for web hosting is if the domain name is the sim card, then your web hosting would be your mobile phone. You need both for a website to function.

Web hosting costs approximately $50-200 depending on the requirements of your server. This will be a yearly cost to host your content online

No problems, we can launch your website on your existing web hosting server. Depending on the specifications of the hosting server, we may need to upgrade if your new website exceeds what the server plan can provide.

Professional email accounts are email accounts with your domain name attached to it. Similar to info@ikmstrategy.com. They help your business display a high level of professionism. There are two options to getting a professional email account.

Option 1: You can get it without the web hosting, this is for when you want only an email account and no website.

Option 2: you can get it with your web hosting.

We can help you configure unlimited email accounts under option two . But for option one, you’ll likely have to pay per account.

For an email account hosted by google with your domain name attached it is $8.40 per account per month.

For other email account providers, they can cost between $3 per account per month to $20 per account per month depending on the size of the mailbox.

Content and Graphics

Graphics is generally, any sort of photos or logos you have for your business. It determines the branding of your business. If you have existing photos of your shop or business, it would really help you establish brand authenticity. Graphics would generally include:

  • Logos
  • Images
  • Designed Banners
  • Sales Banners
  • Videos

Content is generally written content that describes your business. It would paragraphs of text for your about us page or for your services page. Content would include:

  • Descriptions
  • Captions
  • Titles
  • Sub Headings
  • Body Text

Great! This will speed up the process. However, we will still perform an audit on the content you provide us.

For visual content, modern websites will generally feed high definition content to users, this would mean that the resolution of your images must be high.

That’s not an issue, we can help you design graphics and produce written content through our graphics and content writing services. You’ll just need to let us know the basics about what you want written and designed and we will do the rest. We know you’re already time poor from running a growing business, so we offer an all-in-one package to help you get the website off the ground without having to commit time and effort.

It will take upwards of a week to design a logo that is catered to your business. We will offer 3 draft concepts for you to choose from and we can make revisions for you with any of those concepts.

Definitely! We use the wordpress engine specifically to allow our clients to edit the content. At the end of the project, our handover will also include a YouTube video teaching you how to edit the website. The whole reason we chose website to be our main Content management system (CMS) was because of the number of developers and people that are familiar with it. It is very easy to teach others how to use it and it is incredibly user-friendly.

We certainly can! We provide a yearly care package which will include updating any content for you on a year to year basis. If you purchase this package, you can schedule content to be changed or added at any time you want. 

It is offered to you in our proposal.

E-commerce Websites

E-commerce websites are also known as electronic businesses. It is put simply when you provide a product or service online and you are paid for it through the electronic transfer of funds through a payment gateway.

Payment gateways providers are Paypal, Stripe, Afterpay, WeChat Pay and may others.

Our E-commerce sites are predominantly built on WordPress and it runs on the WooCommerce Plugin.

We also have seasoned experience in building E-commerce sites on platforms such as Shopify and Squarespace.

A standard e-commerce site will have a wide range of shopping features such as:

  • Cart System
  • Product Pages
  • Search Functions
  • Filters for products
  • Reviews for each product
  • Specifications for each product
  • Sales Banners
  • Wish List Functionality
  • Personalised Accounts
  • Checkout with Payment Gateways

Studies conducted have shown a majority (76%) of online shoppers use their mobile phones to browse and purchase items. The E-commerce sites must be fully optimised for Mobile and be mobile-friendly.

Payment gateways are basically payment methods. The most common payment gateways that are integrated into E-commerce sites are Paypal, Stripe, Square and Afterpay.

You will need to set up a merchant account with each payment gateway provider. Ie. Directly register an account with Paypal or Stripe. These accounts are necessary for receiving the funds and allowing the customers to pay through those accounts.

They money will generally go to Stripe and PayPal first before being set to your bank account. They will also provide you with an API key which is the secret string of code that is required to link your website to their services.

No worries, we have a small studio set up that is capable of taking product photograph for items that are smaller than 40cm x 40cm x 40cm. For items over that size, we can still do it but will require more time and set up costs.

Depending on the products that you need us to upload, it can take anywhere between 3 to 10 weeks. The basic skeleton without any products upload would not take longer than 3 weeks to produce. Everything else depends on the features that you want and the number of products you have. Contact us today and we can give you an accurate estimate.

Specialty Websites

Specialty websites are aimed towards local services or small businesses or clinics that require extra functions like booking features and online payment features. 

For example, a plumber wanting to charge a call-out fee before going to the service location or a medical clinic that needs the bookings to be synced with patient data.

Apart from being able to have more advanced features integrated, specialty websites will have to-end security and are secured even more than our normal websites (already a high standard). This level is security is necessary as patient data or user login details are very difficult. 

The functions are limitless for specialty websites. You create members only area where you can upload special documents that can only be viewed by them. Creating gym classes online or another online course can also be done through these specialty websites. It will allow all your staff content creators to have their own accounts on the website and upload content to each specific class that they teach.

Similar to an ecommerce website, specialty websites can also take payments for bookings or payments for subscription to classes or anything else. The payment system is still integrated through Woo-commerce but through another branch of their service area.